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Entry #6

Got alot of names

2012-05-12 22:09:37 by Tichondrius12

My real name is Chung Ting Chi, yes im chinese but from Taiwan, ever since i came to Venezuela when i was small, i got alot of names, Rafael is my spanish name, but then i find out that they wanted to put me Carlos, and Kael, i kinda like Kael as a nickname, then my sister put me Tichondrius beacuse she said that my name almost sound like it from Warcraft, then a man put me Hugo lol!, other one put me Champion, Liu Kang LOL!, and Wario!.


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2012-05-21 21:39:50

Yes lots a lot of names.

Tichondrius12 responds:

Jeje yeah.


2015-04-24 12:14:32